What is Scent Marketing?

A study done in 2013 by the Global Journal of Commerce and Management Perspective said that ambient scent has the strongest impact when it comes to enhancing consumer behaviour in terms of emotion, evaluation, willingness to return to a store and purchase intention. Having the right aroma has a lot of benefits ranging from reinforcing your brand identity to creating the perfect ambiance. It also helps one stand out from the competitors. Believe it or not, smell can also have an effect on what we buy, how much we spend, and even on what we gamble. In one study based at a Las Vegas casino, there was a near 50 per cent rise in money gambled when a pleasant scent was sprayed around slot machines. Researchers at Chicago University found that 84 per cent of shoppers found identical new shoes more attractive when they were displayed in a room with a pleasant aroma compared to one with no smell. They also valued the shoes at £10 more. It is also believed that customers evaluate products in scented environments as being of higher quality and are more eager to buy and willing to pay more in a scented environment. Scented environment definitely elevates your marketing efforts through the noninvasive but powerful use of scent.


Why Wikka Fragrance Solutions?

“The innovatively healthy fragrance solution for your premises”

It is our privilege to present Wikka Fragrance Solutions, a pure, premium and customized aromatherapy fragrance solution for corporate, retail and hospitality sectors that delivers a mental,emotional and physical boost to employees/clients/ guests/buyers and encourages desired responses through the potent power of therapeutic grade essential oils.

WFS i.e. Wikka Fragrance Solutions provides an innovative and electronically operated automatic diffuser that has been developed specifically for installation in central air conditioning systems so as to evenly and uniformly disperse customized therapeutic grade essential oil blends placed in it throughout your premises.

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