Wikka Fragrance Solutions

WFS (Wikka Fragrance Solutions)

WFS i.e. Wikka Fragrance Solutions provides an innovative and electronically operated automatic diffuser that has been developed specifically for installation in central air conditioning systems so as to evenly and uniformly disperse customized therapeutic grade essential oil blends placed in it throughout your premises.

The benefits delivered by WFS include better emotional, mental and physical health for your staff, customers and guests (apart from making it attractively fragrant, of course!) As the essential oil blends are customized as per your requirement and preferences, you get a signature therapeutic fragrance that’s totally unique, one-of-a-kind and becomes as much an integral part of your premises as the layout, the interiors and the wall art, and thus it actually integrates quietly yet decisively into your overall brand persona. As fragrances are powerful sub-conscious memory triggers, even the tiniest whiff of your signature fragrance anywhere evokes your brand’s recall and gives a boost to your brand equity. For example: If you have a chain of hotels, or a string of franchise showrooms or multiple offices, these fragrances will be your unique calling card.

WFS has been developed under personal supervision of Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, an acclaimed UK-trained Aromatherapy practitioner and Perfumer . The concept, design and manufacturing of the electronic part of WFS has been undertaken by design engineers at a hi-tech industrial unit. However just as the physical body has true meaning only with soul in it, the therapeutic grade aroma oil blends that make WFS an effective addition to your workspace will be developed personally by Rupal Tyagi herself after due consultation with you.

Before we elaborate further, we request you to go through the following section to comprehend how therapeutic grade essential oils are as different and as superior from regular synthetic commercial fragrances as 24 K gold is from brass.

  1. A unique and innovative concept
  2. Aura of luxury
  3. Fragrant and healthy (microbe-free) environment
  4. Boosts brand recall / brand equity through sense of smell
  5. De-stresses and relaxes
  6. Customized and created by a U.K. qualified aromatherapy expert and perfumer.
  7. Benzene Free / Alcohol free / Formaldehyde free customized fragrances.

Essential oils are often termed as ‘nature’s own pharmacy’ and ‘the life force of plants’. These are nature’s own inimitable formulas that human hands can never be replicated. These can only be carefully reaped (steam distilled, generally) from the seeds, roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruit, flowers and/or branches, and then used for the good of all.

Essential oils contain volatile compounds in precise ratios that are unique and signature non-replicable mixtures of several natural aromatic and medicinal compounds (terpenes, esters, oxides, alcohols, phenols, ketones, and aldehydes) specific only and only to that particular plant species. These compounds are the secret of a plant’s healing powers and form the foundation of the millennia-old healthcare system known as Aromatherapy. Essential oils of different plants have different health properties and it takes a trained and experienced aromatherapist( like Rupal Tyagi) to formulate a blend that meets your needs with precision.

A word here regarding the differentiation between essential oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. Therapeutic grade essential oils are those of the highest purity and thus most effective for usage. We deliver only and only therapeutic grade essential oil blends.

Essential oils are made up of minute medicinal molecules that are absorbed through inhalation. These molecules interact with body’s internal organ systems and, depending on the specific essential oil, can stimulate the immune system, aid cell growth, help eliminate toxins, kill bacteria and viruses, and so on. When inhaled through WFS dispersion, these molecules travel through the olfactory bulb route to positively and deeply affect the brain-aligned limbic system, a part of nervous system and often referred to as emotional brain, to create desired behaviours like better mood, more concentration, and relaxation. As these natural molecules are inherently anti-bacterial, anti- viral and anti-fungal agents, these also create a cleaner and greener environment.

WFS is a great investment for your business for these key reasons:

  • It’s a unique, innovative and pioneer concept.
  • Premium fragrances heighten sensory engagement and create an aura of opulence and luxury to ensure that your guest or customer feels extra-indulged and pampered. This factor works wonderfully well in sectors such as hospitality and retail.
  • Due to the anti-bacterial. anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of essential oils , WFS provides not only a fragrant but healthy (microbe-free) environment.
  • Customized and exclusive blends of essential oils to be used in WFS have the potential to become your space’s signature fragrance that in turn  become a part of your brand story by promoting instant brand recall.
  • WFS boosts positivity and productivity by reducing stress, nullifying environmental germs and boosting better emotional, mental and physical health.
  • The Aura of luxury created by WFS promotes sales in retail/ food and beverage/ hospitality segments.
  • Only the best quality and therapeutic grade essential oils are used. As Rupal Tyagi comes from a royal lineage and her aristocratic family owns and operates vast scale floriculture, agriculture and essential oil manufacturing plants, she gets only the purest graded supplies and raw materials to deliver guaranteed   highest quality therapeutic fragrances.
  • Rupal Tyagi’s professional expertise delivers personalized and customized blends created after one-to-one client consultations.
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